10 Inside Tips for Selling Your Home Yourself

- Price it Right.

- Prepare your home for sale .

- Prepare yourself with all necessary legal documentation.

- Market your home effectively.

- Remain objective during a showing of your home.

- Pre-qualify your prospects.

- Negotiate effectively and knowledgeably.

- Know your buyer.

- Don't move out before you sell.

- Know why you're selling and keep it to yourself.

How to Assess Your Net Gain

To analyse whether or not you will end up ahead by choosing to sell on your own, consider the fact that most buyers do use a real estate agent because it doesn't cost them anything for this service (i.e. the seller pays the agent's fee).

Be cautious as buyers, investors and speculators who seek out For Sale by Owners are typically those in search of a bargain. The low-ball offers from these types of buyers will often net you much lower in the long run. What you will have to judge for yourself is the following:

(1) Be as prepared as possible with your marketing, negotiations, evaluations, showings and all legalities.

(2) Consider what it will cost you to effectively market your home and assemble all necessary materials from the "for sale" sign to any contracts?

(3) What price will a buyer offer you as a For Sale by Owner minus the costs identified in point 2 above. Is this net price higher than the price an experienced agent could net for you minus his/her commission?

I can help you with every aspect of buying or selling your home because I'm experienced, because I'm professional and because I care. When you've decided to sell, I will be your advocate, your guide and your fierce negotiator.

I will work hard to make yours a great sale!

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