On average, serious buyers look at about fifteen properties before they make an offer. Doing so gives them a basis for determining how competitively a property is priced, both in terms of the market and generally what they are looking for.

If you overprice your property you'll usually lose serious buyers even if they otherwise love it. Experience shows that buyers usually do not make what they consider to be realistic offers on overpriced properties because they assume that doing so will just be a waste of time.

The seller wants to get the maximum amount possible for their proposal, but generally may also set a limit for the least amount they will accept. This is the amount where they draw the line, also known as the "walk away" from the deal point.

The buyer, on the other hand, wants to pay the least amount possible, but may consider a higher amount that they might be prepared to pay as well. The maximum amount they are prepared to pay is the amount at which they are willing to "walk away" from the deal point.

The difference between these respective lows and highs of both the seller and buyer, are their range of expectations. When you have an overlap between these two different ranges, this is known as the Zone of Possible Agreement.

The overlap between buyer and seller price ranges is depicted below. It will be helpful to keep this diagram in mind when pricing your property.

Pricing Competitively Attracts More Buyers and Increases Your Chances for a Quick Sale!

A home must receive maximum market exposure and also be presented in a way that highlights its unique characters and features .

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